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Here at Optimal Strategies we want to provide you with the full online package, to really allow you to Optimise Your Potential. We want your business to succeed and believe that we have the knowledge, capacity and creative innovation to really set it flying. Our expert and professional team have a great background in all things web, and it’s what we love doing. We believe that we can offer the ideal team to meet your requirements, whatever your size, budget or idea.
With our wealth of experience and our expert professional team, Optimal Strategies can provide you with the knowledge, capacity and innovation to Optimise Your Potential.

We will provide you with a transparent service that includes you every step of the way. It is your website, not ours and whilst your success reflects on us, that’s exactly what it is, yours. Whether you are coming to us to create you a quick, clean and simple 3 page website or you want a fully optimised bespoke web system with associated front end design and online marketing campaign, we will dedicate our resources to ensure that your project exceeds your expectations and those of the online crowd. We don’t want your web presence to blend into the background; we are creative innovators and will put all of our expertise into making your business stand out in the rapidly saturating online world.



Pawel is a bit of a visionary entrepreneur, who is entirely success driven and focused on being brilliant and creating brilliant things. Hence the birth of Optimal Strategies – an agency with less of the hype and more of the great service and less of the ‘churn another one out Jim’ approach to creating you an amazing online presence. He knows that the customer is key and so focuses on ensuring a quality product with quality service. When not masterminding our every move on the ground he can be found taking an even wider view from the air where he indulges his love of flying. A high flyer in both the metaphorical and literal sense!



Bussiness Development Manager

Edyta is all about customers, she’s spent years getting increasingly more annoyed at dreadful service and so is now a creative, customer focused, insanely detailed machine. She hates things going wrong, so makes sure that they never do! When not keeping on top of everything and multi-tasking her whiskers off, Edyta can be found using some of her boundless energy is a number of dangerous ways; riding her motorbike like a bat out of you know where, climbing mountains and dancing (not necessarily dangerous unless you get in her way!)



Some people may see Peter’s love of code as geeky, we see it a flipping marvellous! He is a highly experienced developer (PHP, MySQL, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more) who when given a brief dives behind his computer screen only to resurface (grinning like a madman!) when he’s created a foundation of rock solid code from which to build the most fantastic online things. If he’d been a builder we would all be living in the Taj Mahal, but instead we’ll have to put up with some of the best built web anything’s we’ve ever seen. Oh well, I suppose we’ll cope. In the brief moments between projects Peter can sometimes be coaxed away from his computer (he’s always reading about some new development) to thrash us on the squash court. Maybe we’ll just leave him where he is next time!


SEO Expert

Greg is an absolute perfectionist and that’s why he loves SEO (again great at work but less good in the office bowling comp – mainly because he always wins!) He is relentless when testing, testing, testing to ensure that he’s created the best results that he possibly can. Also he loves the ever-changing environment of SEO, as it always gives him a new goal to work towards. When thinking about his hobbies Greg mainly said “technology”, but at gunpoint did admit that he likes travel and cycling – as it gives him more time to think about technology!


Web Designer

We sometimes think that there is nothing that Monica doesn’t know about graphic design, and her web designs reflect that. ‘No’ just isn’t a word in her vocabulary, so there is no job to small or too big/new/creative – great at work, but less good when she’s losing the office bowling tournament (again!) She is passionate about great design and is explicit on the importance of the seemingly tiny detail. If you want it, she will design it – only better! When not at work she can be found thinking about great design whilst hiking up mountains, getting to the top and then thinking about great design some more.